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LULU Tress

LULU Tress 3X 3D Passion Twist Crochet Hair, 12"

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3X 3D PASSION TWIST 18″ (LULUTRESS) – (10 pack)

- Soft Texture, Natural Luster

- Long-Lasting Natural Curl

- Easy Styling and Maintenance

Installation Instructions:


STEP 1: Open latch, and slide hook through cornrow. Loop the hair onto the hook.

STEP 2: Close latch securely. Reverse and slide hooked hair back through the cornrow.

STEP 3: Open latch, then remove hair from hook. Using two fingers, hold the pre-looped end of hair open.

STEP 4: Feed the hair through the pre-looped opening. Twist loop & feed again. Pull and secure tightly.