About Us

Celebrating the discovery of you, inside and out. We know that beauty is subjective and that you are more than your hair. That's why we provide avenues for both. We want you to look good after visiting our store and feel good about your purchase. As you explore the roots of your hair journey and the beauty beyond that, know that we see you sister and brother. We can't wait for you to show the world.
  • Superb Service

    Build meaningful relationships with our loyal customers and empathize with their situations. We strive for excellent customer care and convenience.

  • Honest Products

    Remain consistently selective of the products we provide for your hair and skin. We will not sell something we wouldn't use for ourselves.

  • Pure Authenticity

    Provide an authentic avenue for men and women to explore health in their hair, skin, and inner beauty. We celebrate the real you, however you define it.

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Meet Our Founder

Lenay (Nay) was born and raised in southern New Jersey where she was surrounded by a large support system of family and friends. She was blessed with two sets of parents, over 12 siblings, and lifelong friendships.

After graduating high school at Camden County Technical Schools, Lenay immediately enlisted in the United States Air Force. The military is where she met her husband, Jeremiah, and learned many lessons while discovering her true self. She often struggled with styling her natural hair to fit military and societal standards. It was a constant battle to uphold a superficial image.

Through traveling, time spent with her peers, and several experiments, Lenay learned the importance of self love and acceptance. She found beauty in the extraordinary roots of her hair and her culture, and vowed to show others the same. Lenay began an outreach to woman and men of color to be open-minded and embrace their individual journey through her YouTube Channel, NayTriesThings.

When their military service was complete, Lenay and her husband moved to Austin, TX. She started her online business while pursuing her BBA virtually at Eastern New Mexico University.

Lenay hopes that Beyond the Root Beauty Supply will serve as a resourceful supply store and a safe self discovery platform for those like her. Lenay continues to enlighten others about the adventures of black beauty and the joy of loving the inner layers of every root within and beyond.